Every journey has some beginning and so do ours.

It was some 25 years ago, when we initially met in this corporate world. We both were working for a leading global company. He was from the Science stream and mine was Arts. He was passionate about Chemistry and I was passionate about Hair. I earned my first salary by working in a hair salon in Dehradun when I just got admitted in the college.

Life took new turns and I came to Delhi and earned my post graduation in Training and Development. It was my second job when I met him. We were poles apart in our interests, hobbies and background and may be that kept us together. Time spent and after a year when we decided to take this relationship to the next level, he got transferred to Mumbai . That was the time, when we had to take some tough calls.

Nothing materialized immediately but we got married and separated as he got transferred to Mumbai.  I was not liking much what I was doing and wanted to do something different and creative. I shared my dream with him and that even prompted us to do something new and moreover together.


Veenu Singh / Dr Sunil Singh

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We made our plan and I got enrolled myself for an advanced coursed in hairstyling. I took a break from my established corporate career and did 1 year full time course in hair. He also got an exciting offer in Delhi from a British Conglomerate.  When we got enough stability and sufficient savings, he encouraged me to take my styling knowledge to the global level.

It was no less than a dream to get hair education from Vidal Sassoon London at that time, more than two decades ago.

My exposure to Sassoon Academy, high fashion streets of London, my perception, my thought process changed completely about this profession. How much hairstylists are respected there and most of these innovative hair products have been developed by these hairstylists only. It was a life changing experience.

When back to India, I joined Jacques Dessange, a French salon as hairstylist. While working there, I got in touch with a leading journalist who wanted to do a story on hair. I shared my very detailed views with her. To my surprise, after a week, I saw a full page article in newspaper HT Horizon, National Edition. From there I shared multiple articles for HT, TOI and local newspapers. Lots of friends and well wishers encouraged me to open a salon. Although, it was not an easy task that time, but we took courage and opened our salon in NCR in professional partnership with Schwarzkopf. We were initial ph club members of Schwarzkopf India.

At that period only, a leading Italian brand was introduced in India for Liposoluble Delipatory Wax. It was altogether a new technology, a new field, a never heard kind of product in India. There was a huge excitement about Lipo Wax in India that time.

A few weeks later, my husband was called for his PhD viva at AMU. He took this brave decision taking me along for his viva voce. He was always an excellent presenter and did a fantastic job there and was overwhelmed by his mentors and examiners. I heard a term called The Blue Ocean vs The Red Ocean there. To summarize, Red Ocean is full of opportunities with immense competition and the Blue Ocean is a new product or a new technology but having less opportunities and less competition. You can make it big.

I discussed the Lipo Wax story with him and he took it as a challenge. In the next few days, we both agreed to work on this project jointly i.e. to develop Lipo Wax in India, competitive to the Italian brand.

It took some time but I was sure of his research and development abilities. We were ready with our trial batch. We did hundreds of blind tests and market research before we were convinced that we have something to swim in this blue ocean.

With all FDA regularities, we set up our cosmetic factory, primarily focusing on Lipo Wax and a few more products. Our brand got immediate recognition and acceptance. We did not have a huge team that time so we decided to operate within B2B segment, primarily catering to beauty salons. 

 When we visited these big and small salons, we could realize that how much they lack in education and how much these big companies are taking advantage of it. We summarized a few areas that could change the overall image and profitability of these salons such as Hair Chemical Treatments and Hair Repair Treatments.

We invested in research and developed breakthrough products which are equivalent or better than global leaders in their respective segments. We made them affordable for these salons bridging the gap between the big and the small. The advantage of science should be available to all. Besides a highly successful lipo wax market, we developed hair straightening products, hair smoothing range, Keratin treatments, Tressoplex for Hair bonds repair and lots of performance oriented “in salon consumable” products.

Now, we decided to extend the scope of our market segment from B2B to B2C as well so that the benefits of these products could be available directly to end consumers. With salon at home and DIY approach is growing every day, this could be the right time to enter in direct to customer segment.

This is the essence of our journey so far. We look forward to interact with you to make our journey more meaningful and excitement. I sign off with these beautiful lines from Ghulam Rabbani i.e.

Justjoo ho to safar khatam kahaan hota hai

Yoon to har mod pe manzil ka gumaan hota hai…